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I have a passion for the outdoors since I was a little kid, exploring, hiking, backpacking and hunting.  So much so, that I became an environmental scientist.


Only a hunters can understand the idea of pursing an animal not only for viewing but also for eating.  Hunting is more that pulling the trigger.  Let me show you the beauty of hunting.


Archery for me was a gateway to extend my hunting season.  However, archery became life.  Archery for me is hunting, competition, therapy, friends, family, and life.  Join me in my journey to get back on the podium.


From back to the soccer, lacrosse, and football fields, to 6x Ironman Triathlon Finisher, I take fitness seriously as a part of my daily routine.  My horrible genetics leaves me with high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, colorectal cancer in the family, and dementia.  I will battle all with fitness as my base.   


Cooking for family and friends is an awesome feeling that puts smiles on faces.  There is nothing more satisfying for a hunter than making an amazing dish from your harvest.  I will share some of my recipes as you follow me on my journey.

About Me

Greg Moriates

There is a moment in life when you realized that the path you are on, is not the correct path. This moment has no time-frame or no age limit. It just comes to you and hits you like a sack of bricks. That moment maybe triggered by a life event, health issue, or a sign from above.

My moment was on my 40th Birthday, when my wife surprised me with a guided whitetail hunt in South Carolina, something I loved to do in the past, but stop pursuing, for reasons that I will explain later in this blog. I brought a buddy with me that never hunted before and taught him how to hunt, which brought me satisfaction. Here I am now, sharing with you my life story and my journey to get back to me.

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